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Bike For Burundi: A Ride Across One
Country For The Future Of Another

By: Simon Guillebaud
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Bike For Burundi started out as four men cycling over 3,000 miles across America from San Diego to Charleston to raise money for one of the poorest countries in the world. Their epic adventure included highs and lows as they persevered through sandstorms, over snow-capped mountains and across desolate deserts. It was a race against time and a battle against the elements. They were run off the road by a biker gang and attacked by numerous packs of feral dogs. They had to deal with the loss of a team member medically evacuated by helicopter, several spectacular crashes, multiple injuries, hallucinations, dehydration, mind games, road-kill, and more. Spurred on by the urgent situation back in Burundi, they defied the odds to complete their task through blood, sweat and tears-some of pain, others of laughter! Relive the adventure through Simon Guillebaud's vivid, moving and hilarious recounting of events and people they met along the way on what was the journey of a lifetime!

The Last Cowboy: The True Story Of One Of
DEA's Most Decorated Undercover Agents

By: Tim Sellers
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The Last Cowboy is the true story of an undercover agent with unconventional methods who became one of the most highly decorated agents in the history of the US Drug Enforcement Administration. At the heart of this story are the remarkable actions of the last of an aging breed of hard-charging, rough-riding agents who risked it all to protect the innocent, from his raucous beginnings as a street cop in Texas to $85 million undercover deals with the most deadly of all Mexican drug traffickers. The Last Cowboy culminates in the hunt for the terror cell that killed five Afghan CIA counterparts. Disobeying a direct order, the agent tackled a suicide bomber on the streets of Kabul, saving the lives of countless American soldiers and crushing the suicide bomber terror cell in the aftermath. This is the true, hard-hitting story of the last "cowboy" to serve with DEA.

From Folly
By: Matthew Lock Pridgen
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From Folly is the amazing true story of a 21 year-old college student's survival in the ocean following a failed suicide attempt. Matthew's plan was to swim out as far as he could into the Atlantic Ocean so that even if he wanted to turn back at the last minute, it would be too late. Yet when the time came to drown himself, he recognized something that would change him forever. At the brink of death, he finally saw the value of life.